Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Freebie and Phoneme Segmentation

Phoneme segmentation is breaking a word into its individual sounds.  That sounds easy, but roughly 25% of first grade readers struggle to master phonemic awareness skills, especially phoneme segmentation.  This lack of mastery can lead to other reading and writing difficulties.

Why is phoneme awareness so challenging?  This happens in part because people do not focus on sounds of phonemes when producing or listening to speech.  Instead we focus on the meaning of what is being said, processing the phonemes automatically.

As a reading specialist, I always have students that need additional practice with phoneme segmentation. The challenge is to find ways to engage students in activities that will get them to notice phonemes and learn how to manipulate them to separate words into phonemes and blend phonemes to make words.  This year I was inspired by my kindergarten students love of die cast cars.  I knew if I could incorporate cars into my lessons I'd have a captive audience.  That's how the product Road Readers was born.

My Friday Freebie this week is a sample pack of pages for my Road Readers short a pack.  You get the following pages and suggestions for use:

I hope you'll stop by my TpT store and check it out.  The full pack is also available in my store that has 33 pages of phonemic awareness activities.  Click the pictures below to download the freebie and checkout the full product.  Other short vowel packs will be available soon.

 Road Readers Freebie

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