Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We Love it When Someone Reads to Us

I think it's true that no matter how old we get most of us still love it when someone reads to us.  Whether it's at book club, a book signing, or a listening to an audio book, we love the feeling of being read to.   For some of us, it brings us back to our childhood.  For others, it gives us a whole new way to be lost in a book.  For my fifth graders, it gives them a chance to hear different authors and genres.  It gives them a chance to hear what good readers sound like and an opportunity to practice their visualization skills.  

Now that the end of the year is almost here, we're done with our Journeys intervention materials.  I took this opportunity to pick a book to read to my students.  The students and I have enjoyed this time together so much.  We can't wait for the next real aloud session to find out what happens next.  Now I'm just hoping we have time to get most of the book finished before the end of the year.  (They'll have a chance to finish the book on their own, as I bought them each a copy as an end of the year gift.)

Knowing that my fifth grade boys love Gary Paulsen, I was very excited to find his book, Masters of Disaster at a great price from Scholastic Reading Clubs.  Just looking at the cover, it seemed to be a departure from Hatchet and other titles I knew.  I thought it would be fun to see just how different it really was.  So far the book hasn't disappointed.  Even my girls have begged to hear more!

I highly recommend you pick a great book to end your year with too.  It's an experience I'm sure you'll all enjoy.

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