Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's not just a boy thing: Learning to blend and segment with cars

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This year more than any other it seems I have a group of kindergarten students that love to play with toy cars.  I go to pick them up for reading class and they're playing with their cars.  We walk down the hall and suddenly they're pulling them out of their pockets.  I knew I had to find ways to incorporate cars and capitalize on their beloved possessions.

We've done a few different things like using our cars as game pieces to drive around the track as we practice our sight words, letters, and sounds.  We've parked our cars in our sight word parking lots.  Then it came time to work on blending and segmenting.  The kids enjoyed the different themes I have for segmenting and blending.They dutifully moved their chips into sound boxes, but they really missed the cars.  That's when my Road Readers set was born.

I created task cards with little roads with cvc words segmented above them.  We started with cards with pictures, so the kiddos saw that when they put the sounds back together they made words.  These were a huge hit and really helped keep my busiest ones focused on the task at hand.  The pictures helped my students that had the most trouble.  Once they had the hang of it, we moved to cards without pictures.  

My Road Readers for Short A are now available in my TpT store.  It includes 
-15 full color segmenting/blending roads with pictures
-15 black and white segmenting/blending roads with pictures
-15 full color segmenting/blending roads without pictures
-30 black and white segmenting/blending roads without pictures
-3 center worksheets where students segment, read, then cut and glue a picture to match the word read.
-3 center worksheets segment the sounds in a picture and record the sounds they hear to write the word.

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